The Secrets to Writing a Great Love Story 

Everybody loves a book that can give them butterflies in their stomachs. Romantic novels give an emotionally satisfying narrative to readers. Most literary fiction genre always includes a love story in them. It is because it never fails to capture the readers’ hearts. If you are planning to write a book, you should opt for this. Not only does it bring entertainment for the readers but also you. It is probably one of the most enticing books to write. Your passion and dedication through the writing process are all you need. And, of course, wisdom and knowledge should also be present. An example of a great book wherein you can learn many writing techniques is Home for Good by Gerald James Avila. This book will not only do that but can also touch your heart. It is a story of a man, Jeff Williams, who lost his wife to cancer. The grief of Jeff Williams will teach you a handful of lessons in coping up with life. 

While romance might seem to be the most exciting book to write, it is definitely not. You will have to learn a lot of things for you to come up with a successful story. This article will give you the elements you might need to craft a beautiful love story. Below are some of the factors you want to know before starting your journey in writing your love story:

Know Your Target Readers

This is a crucial part of writing a novel, not just for romance but novels, in general. If you want bookworms to be interested in your book, you might want to give them the narrative they want. What do romance readers really want to read? Well, past typical romance, readers want a concept of unfolding a relationship from beginning to end. However, it has slowly changed nowadays. People are more interested in the more serious side of the story, the realistic part of it, which will be discussed later on in the article. It will also depend if you want to target the younger ones, teens, for example, you want to create some kind of a puppy, high-school love. 

Develop Your Characters

Developing your characters will make the readers want to know them more. In other words, create a mystery. This will also help you come up with memorable characters. You want to focus on the character development of all significant characters. However, many authors would agree that all characters included in the story play essential roles and can really affect the whole story. That is why you need to focus on not the main characters but also all the supporting ones. You might want to create a background story for them too. 

Make the Storyline Realistic

Readers want to learn something from your story in real-time. Also, people are more interested in stories that are somehow relatable. You need to make your story, including dialogues and characters, as realistic as possible. One idea of a realistic tale is by showing the bad sides of a relationship; the struggles everyone in a relationship goes through. You can also make excruciating conflicts. For instance, when a couple feels a constant state of unhappiness or differences. 

Create Memorable Dialogues

 One way to help your readers know the setting, characters, and story better is through dialogues. Do you have a line or two from your favorite book that you’ll always remember?  Sure, you do! That is the perfect example of a successful and powerful dialogue. You also want your book to do the same with your readers. That is why you need to focus on making your dialogues as enticing as ever. 

The Great Ending

Every ending of a story can either make it or break it. You have two choices of ending to decide on. You leave your readers hanging, or you leave them comfortable and contented with the story. When you are writing a book series, you might be encountering a lot of struggle to come up with an ending. But one thing is for sure, every end of the sequel, you must craft a great ending that will make them want to read the next books. When writing a single book, you will have to make them remember your book in the best way possible. 

Hopefully, you will consider incorporating all these points as you write your love story. Good luck!

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