Tips on Building a Healthy Relationship

Trust, understanding, and especially commitment are just a few keys to have a good and healthy relationship with someone. By having to maintain these factors in your relationship, you can support and encourage your other half. The feeling of security will influence both a person’s mental and physical health, leading to having a much happier and comfortable life. However, preserving this state of the relationship can be challenging due to certain situations in life. People can’t deny that life can be tough, leading them to be increasingly strained. Because of this, their relationship with other people is regulated through tension.

The story of Wallis Goginski, a character from Table of Hearts, a novel by a Gerald James Avila is one example. In the story, Goginski follows the footsteps of his forebears by managing a long-running business; he gets involved in an intimate relationship. This romance made him cynical about pursuing a career in managing a business. The narrative of this book encapsulates the whole battle of a person can encounter in the life of having to commit to a relationship.

All extraordinary love stories are bonded into one thing, commitment. It invokes a powerful feeling of intent and focus. A relationship can have a certainty where both parties know what to expect from each other. This article will discuss ways on how to overcome these situations. Below is a list of tips on how you can have a healthy relationship with someone.

Good Communication

You’ve heard it before, and it is true. Two-way communication is always the answer to any relationship. The sharing of ideas and feelings with each other is a way to make things work for each party. Imagine not being comfortable expressing how you feel about something; then you probably should work on that. Through communication, both of you can figure out and work on a problem you might be facing. Once you have already shared positive and negative emotional connections, you will feel safe and full contentment. One of the ways you can maintain this connection is by being an excellent listener to each one. Be engaged in what the other person is saying. Listening does not have to mean that you should agree to everything. You just have to find common points.

Independent Growth

Even though you are both in a relationship with each other, it is still vital to have independence. You don’t just want to grow together. You also want to grow independently as people. Each person in this world has their own goals in life. Being committed to your relationship should not stop both of you to achieve these goals. Giving up independence will make a person give up things that make them happy. It is usual for two people in love to be inseparable, especially if you’ve just started to. But then, you need to understand that you have to maintain your own passion by doing things on your own.

Nurtured Appreciation

Letting your partner feel admired and showing that they are loved is a way to show your full support. As mentioned, your supports towards that person is one of the important keys to a healthy relationship. So how do you show appreciation? One efficient method you can do is by telling them that you are proud of whatever they are doing in life. This way, they will feel like you are paying attention to what you

Developed Trust

If you have confidence in someone, you will feel physically and emotionally safe with them. It is something that most people find difficult to have for a myriad of reasons. Why do people have trust issues? It occurs when a significant experience happened in the past. It can be in the form of betrayal. Sometimes, these people will likely have unrealistic and unclear expectations towards someone, leading to broken trust. To get over it, you need to be open and honest about what you have been through. It will also help if you ask closure from the past if it is still possible.

In conclusion, being in a healthy relationship can really boost one’s happiness and can even reduce stress. Hopefully, you got some insights from this blog. If you want to know stories about relationships, you will definitely enjoy Gerald James Avila’s novel, Table of Hearts. This is a story that will teach you a lot of lessons on managing a relationship. Enjoy!

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