The Keys to Writing a Tear-Jerker

Have you ever read a Nicholas Sparks novel? Are you a fan of books that can bawl your eyes out with their stories? Do you ever dreaming of writing your own tear-jerker someday? If yes, then you are on the right page! Sad and heartwarming novels have always been popular among the reading public. Both teens and adults love to read stories that can touch their hearts and make their eyes swollen after crying.

For many authors, the ability to make their readers touched and cry with their stories is a measurement of quality writing. Writing tear-jerkers is not easy, of course. In order for a story to make the readers shed a tear, it has to be good and authentic. Table of Hearts by Gerald James Avila is an example of a novel that knows precisely how to do this. It is a heart-wrenching story of a family’s saga and their traditional values, as they move through the generations. It primarily revolves around the character of Wallis Goginski and his choices in life. Overall, Table of Hearts is a very moving tale of love, personal choices, and family journey that will surely make you laugh a little and cry a bit more.

Taking an inspiration from Gerald James Avila’s Table of Hearts and all the other great literary works in the genre, here are some of the keys to writing a tear-jerker that you must keep in mind to help you become the next best-selling author.

Choose a story that hits close to home

Oftentimes, people cry over a story because they can relate to it. In general, relatability is an important component of a story. If a story is relatable enough, it can easily stir various emotions among the readers. So, if you want your readers to bawl their eyes out while reading your book, then you need to come up with a relatable story as much as possible. Choose a storyline that hits close to home. It should be something that many people have experienced or are experiencing in real life. Themes such as family, friendship, love, and grief are common but very affecting themes that you can use in your story. When you write about something that simple hits close to home, it will be easier for your story to leave a lasting emotional impact on the readers.

Build your story little by little

After choosing the best story that you think can warm the hearts of the readers, the next important thing that you need to do is to build your story little by little. The pacing of your story and the manner of your storytelling are also important components that you must look into when writing a heart-wrenching book. Your story should not be fast-paced. It should leave spaces for the readers to develop their emotions gradually. More so, your manner of storytelling should be unhurried but straightforward. Do not be too quick and direct in unfolding your story, but do not beat around the bush as well. In other words, find the perfect balance.

Create characters in whom the readers will be invested

Characters are the most important component of almost every story. These characters serve as the driving force that moves the story forward. More so, they are often the main reason why people choose to read a certain book. More often than not, the readers become invested in a story only when they like the characters in it. They can either see themselves in these characters or these characters inspire them to become something else. Regardless of the reason, the main point is that your characters play a crucial role in determining whether or not your book can be an effective tear-jerker. To make sure that your story can leave an emotional impact on many people, you should create your characters in such a way that they can easily captivate the attention and emotions of the readers.

In conclusion, to write an absolute tear-jerker, you need to pay close attention to the story that you choose, the way you develop your chosen story, and the way you present your characters to the readers. Indeed, writing a story that can make the readers cry is not easy. It takes a really good story and some literary skills for an author to be able to make the readers bawl their eyes out. Nonetheless, you have the ability to learn the art of writing tear-jerkers in time. With enough practice and dedication, you can certainly write your own heart-wrenching novel just like Gerald James Avila’s Table of Hearts someday.


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